Pharmaceutical Water Storage Tank

Storage systems for purified water, high purified water and WFI are used extensively in the pharmaceutical, biotech, veterinary and cosmetics industries and are a mainstay of the manufacturing and cleaning processes.

To ensure that sufficient water is always available to each recipient, the storage system is customised and precisely tailored to laboratory or production area requirements.

  • Tanks designed to the customer’s requirements through the approval of the 3D model and the P&ID.
  • Manufacturing based on the most stringent pharmaceutical requirements (GMPs, USP, ASME, ISPE, etc.) and each clients’ individual needs.
  • The control system incorporates touch screen HMI, SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system and complies with 21CFR regulations. Optional user-configurable recipes can be included.
  • The design is adapted to peak demand, the number of points of use, current and future needs and simultaneity factors.
  • The tank is configured to sanitise and/or sterilise the manufacturing equipment depending on the water used (purified water, highly purified water and WFI).

Extensive options for customising the tank to the customer’s requirements:

    • Tri-Clamp ASME-BPE, Tri-Clamp ISO 1127 and NA-Connect fittings
    • Storage volumes ranging from 100L to 10.000L
    • Customer configurable working pressures from absolute vacuum (-1 barg) to 10 barg
    • Water quantity control by radar, guided microwave and load cells
    • Control of different variables: pressure, pH, temperature and/or dissolved oxygen
    • Venting system via a 0.22 µm heatable filter
    • Other options available on request


Biotech / Pharmaceutical / Veterinary / Cosmetics sector

  • Purified water rings
  • Highly purified water rings
  • WFI water for injectable WFI rings