Process Equipment

At CEISA, the process equipment that comes into contact with the product is built to the highest quality standards, applying the strictest regulations in each sector across all applications.

  • Manufacturing volumes between 10L and 4000L and working pressures from absolute vacuum (-1 barg) to 10 barg.
  • Equipment made to customer specifications with 3D and P&ID approval.
  • SI-316L and AISI304L stainless steel materials and finishes with Ra<0,4 µm, Ra<0,5 µm or Ra<0,8 µm.
  • The equipment can be fitted with a full range of agitation instruments, from magnetic agitation to homogenisers, Rushton, Cowless and Ultra Turrax, among others.
  • The equipment and instruments boast the highest quality on the market to facilitate equipment cleaning and/or sterilisation.
  • The control system incorporates touch screen HMI, SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system and complies with 21CFR regulations. Optional user-configurable recipes can be included.


Pharmaceutical / cosmetics / veterinary sector

  • Manufacturing of suspensions
  • Manufacturing of emulsions, syrups, ophthalmic ointments, face creams and toothpastes
  • Manufacturing of water-soluble solutions
  • Manufacturing of soap solutions
  • Manufacturing of hydroalcoholic antiseptics
  • Melting of petroleum jelly

Food sector

  • Production of sauces
  • Valve manifolds
  • Liquid/solid phase product mixing
  • Pasteurisers

Biotech sector

  • Microbiological fermentation
  • Cell culture