Pharmaceutical Water Distribution Skids

Storage systems for purified water, high purified water and WFI are used extensively in the pharmaceutical, biotech, veterinary and cosmetics industries and are a mainstay of the manufacturing and cleaning processes.

    • Customised skids to suit laboratory or production area requirements.
    • Efficient design to ensure pharmaceutical water supply. This will be tailored to peak demand, number of points of use and current and future needs.
    • In addition, a simultaneous consumption factor is established with the customer.
    • Skids are custom designed through approval of the 3D model and the P&ID.
    • Manufacture based on the most stringent pharmaceutical requirements (GMPs, USP, ASME, ISPE, etc.) and the needs of each client.
    • The control system incorporates touch screen HMI, SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system and complies with 21CFR regulations. Optional user-configurable recipes can be included.
    • The skids have equipment sanitisation and/or sterilisation systems depending on the type of water to be treated.

        Extensive options for customising the skid to meet the client’s needs:

        • Manual, automatic or semi-automatic points of use
        • Sampling valves at points-of-use
        • End-of-loop minimum flow control
        • End-of-loop minimum pressure control
        • End-of-loop conductivity control
        • End-of-loop TOC control
        • End-of-loop temperature control via multi-tube heat exchangers
        • UV disinfection system
        • Ring availability management
        • Simple or redundant pumping system
        • Other options available on request


        Biotech / Pharmaceutical / Veterinary / Cosmetics sector

        • Purified water rings
        • Highly purified water rings
        • WFI water for injectable WFI rings