CIP/SIP Systems

Equipment cleaning and sterilisation is one of the most critical and complex parts of a production process. For sterile applications, effective cleaning and sterilisation is required.

Our equipment is the result of extensive experience in the industry, offering the most outstanding solution for each customer in terms of cost/benefit and taking energy and water savings into account.

    • Adaptability when customising our CIP/SIP systems.
    • Reactors designed to meet the client’s needs via the approval of the 3D model and the P&ID.
    • Manufacture based on the needs of each client.
    • The control system incorporates touch screen HMI, SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system and complies with 21CFR regulations. Optional user-configurable recipes can be included.

    There is a wide range of options for customising the system according to the client’s needs:

    • Automatic dosing of 1 or 2 chemicals.

    • Pressure or cleaning flow control.

    • Cleaning temperature control.

    • Final water conductivity control.

    • Sterilisation temperature and pressure control.

    • Drying time, flow and/or volume control.

    • Other options available on request.


    Pharmaceutical / cosmetics / veterinary sector

    Cleaning and sterilisation system for:

    • Liquid product transfer lines
    • BIN vessels (fluid bed dryers, coaters, kneaders, etc.)
    • CIP for cleaning solids
    • Product hoses
    • Exchangers, pasteurisers and filtration systems

    Sterilisation by filtration or final batch sterilisation

    Biotech sector

    • Cleaning and sterilisation system for bioreactors
    • Cleaning and sterilisation system for product transfer lines and tools